Our Story

A Family Heritage of Fiery Passion for Unique Designs & A-1 Craftmanship

For seven decades, Hagopian Jewels have been one of the leading innovative forces in the Middle East to masterfully craft unique, awe-inspiring designs for fine fashion and high jewelry admirers.

The story begins with the master craftsman himself, Mr. Hagopian.

Melkon Hagopian - The Founding Artist

At the age of 16, Melkon Hagopian began swiftly putting into practice the art of fine jewelry making in Beirut just six years after the end of WWII, as an apprentice learning from talented local Armenian artisan-jewelers.

Ruthlessly creative, a mere idea implementation can spark from something as random as placing on paper a tiny piece of baroque pearl or gemstone and let his pencil improvise freely, listening to only his own inner inspirations.

"I still have creative ideas to last until I turn 150". This wholly explains why you may still catch him today sitting at his workbench with precision magnifying glasses on his nose tip, probably mounting another timeless masterpiece.

Razmig & Garin - The Future

The leading dynamic duo and sons of Melkon are true to their heritage and cultural identity — presently at the forefront of the iconic family-owned business.
Since 1996, Razmig & Garin Hagopian, have worked alongside their father. It’s no secret that both inherited their work ethics almost genetically by learning from their father, a naturally-selected mentor for them.

Razmig holds a strong technical flair when it comes to sourcing and selecting materials, notably for trawling fancy gems or gorgeous South Sea pearls needed for creating beauty. To strengthen his knowledge in the field, a few years of studying ambitiously in Paris allowed him to obtain his certification as a "Professional Gemologist" at the Academie de Paris and a "Master Jeweler" degree from the "Haute Ecole de Joaillerie". Razmig knows exactly which gemstone works best for which design, a skill he has developed expeditiously.      

Garin on the other side is the creative-minded business guru. A graduate of business school, he’s also acquired sharp creative drawing skills in Florence, Italy. He keeps an eagle eye on every project, being the person in charge of design by overlooking the entire creative process in all phases of production as well as upholding the brand’s reputable and outstanding customer service.

Additionally, both brothers hold diamond grading and certification diplomas at Europe's leading HRD Antwerp Institute, having an edge on fabricating extra shiny products. Work has always been done in-house under the family’s meticulous creative supervision and hands-on quality assurance — asserted on their sacred commitment to have all manufacturing processing done under one roof.

Today, Hagopian Jewels have its workshop and 3 boutiques in Lebanon’s waterfront capital of Beirut.

Welcome to our e-shop! We want our online customers to feel the same jovial and warm mood they would experience walking in one of our physical locations. Our motto is pure and simple — what we truly perceive as value isn’t the natural diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald encrusted in a breathtaking piece. It’s not even the prestige of coming up with peculiar designs or the fact that every jewelry we make is forged in 18 Karat Gold — but rather the discerning customer who appreciates the timeless beauty of an authentic Hagopian jewel.

As the brothers continue shaping and polishing the brand’s future, one thing will always remain engraved in mind: Carry On Tradition.

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